Musicians for the planet. Musicians for the future.

On ‘I Want You To Panic’, by my dear friend and creative comrade, Elizabeth Shearon. I gave the world premiere of this piece on flute/piccolo at MASS MoCA in July. Liz’s piece samples Greta Thunberg’s action-provoking speech at the World Economic Forum in Davos this year, augmented by singing (by Liz) and the flute line. Through her piece and this article Liz brings to our attention some crucial realities regarding our role as humans and our unique and powerful voices to act against this ecological crisis.

Elizabeth Shearon

Who I am and what are my values

Since the start of my artistic journey I’ve been wondering what creative purpose I have and how I can contribute with my ideas and skills. There’ve always been a question of how to get from an “A” to a “B” in terms of ideas and the final result. And often it’s the other way around: I’m seeking a path already knowing what I want to achieve and what effect I’m aiming for. Be that in the concert hall or in the everyday life. 

I am deeply passionate about music, that’s for sure, but there’re also many other things that I sincerely care about. The things such as our planet, flora and fauna of it in addition to general compassion and love towards other living beings. So I can confidently say that at this time (and surely lot later on) of my career…

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reflections through the curtain of haze; England emerges into salience

The first leg of my journey is done. This morning I arrived at Kuala Lumpur airport looking quite large with clothing– not ideal for this 26 degree, 6 am weather. Of course, I am preparing myself for a chilly London evening (always in relativity to Brisbane weather). As I was sitting here writing this, waiting … Continue reading reflections through the curtain of haze; England emerges into salience