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legacy of ill placed tracks (2017)

by Phoebe Bognár

for flutes, ‘island percussion’ and tape (David Moran on Cello)

as part of the Mirroring Minjerribah exhibition

Score extracts from legacy of ill placed tracks

A Waning Body (2019)

by Phoebe Bognár

for string quartet

Ingrained/In-Grains (2019) [fixed audio]

by Phoebe Bognár

for percussion with fixed audio 

Persistent engines (2017)

by Phoebe Bognár

for solo flute 

Climatic Metamorphosis (2015)

by Phoebe Bognár

for piccolo, flutes, alto flute, bass flute, vibraphone

other works

ingrained/in-grains (2019) for percussion and fixed AUDIO.

Sharehouse I (2017, revised 2019) a character game piece for up to seven players.

Yatilanga (2017) for solo piano based on messiaen modes.