from norf back to south

This post is truly hard to write. It feels that as my fingers touch these keys that I am living again in the final hours of the festival. The final hours of sound which brought the festival to a spectacular close. These past two weeks have ripped through in a relentless whirlwind of activity andContinue reading “from norf back to south”

recollection of resonances

There has been a short period of silence from the ‘Bog-blog’ primarily due to the intensity of this noisy festival schedule of back-to-back rehearsals and a concert each day. It’s unrelenting but here is a recollection of the past few days which have seemed to me much longer than just “a few days.” …composed connections…Continue reading “recollection of resonances”

a few crayons, graphic scores and a concert of unlit cigarettes

I’ve been caught up in this incredible whirlwind of sound, energy and activity over the past few days and it’s been hard to catch a breath away from the flute and the festival. Myriad things have taken place– from going to the Joy of Music School and presenting performing and making graphic scores with Knoxville familiesContinue reading “a few crayons, graphic scores and a concert of unlit cigarettes”

transposed terrains

The festival opens and the faculty begins to plays in a room afloat with small delicate plastic bags, disguised as paper by a trick of light to tease the eyes. Stutters of sound arising from the heave of a breath interwoven with surges of electric energy; vibrations that grasp every bodily neuron with enveloping tenderness.Continue reading “transposed terrains”

Paganini under inspection…

…a tale in retrospect… I am so often selected for random airport checks- security and customs that I am beginning to ponder whether I exude an aura which screams-“please pick me!” Or perhaps it may also be attributed to the brightly clothing or my inability to resist smiling at people… The Houston, Texas department ofContinue reading “Paganini under inspection…”