«with these hands i…

Swiss-based duo, Phoebe Bognár and Manca Dornik present «with these hands i…»– a concert program which investigates identity, choice and meaning. Following their acclaimed concert at the Göteborg Arts Sounds Festival in October 2023, the duo is back with a tour featuring an extended collage of pieces for instrumentalists, performers and new works by the duo themselves. The performance is a collision of digital and physical, with multimedia works involving electronics, video and objects in tandem with instruments and performance. «with these hands i…» feasts upon the multiplicity of imagination and identity and reflects upon the (over)saturation of information, ultimately refracting into a kaleidoscope of creative possibilities. 

Phoebe Bognár// flutes, performance, composition
Manca Dornik// accordion, performance, composition

06. april 2023.       kHaus Basel, CH

07. april 2023.       Theater Pavillon Luzern, CH

08. april 2023.       PROGR Kleine Bühne Bern, CH

10. april 2023.       Frankfurt, DE*

12. april 2023.      Vapaan taiteen tila, Helsinki, FI

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Entrance 5–15 fr./€**


hand.speak (2021) ◊ •
Phoebe Bognár (1997, HU/AU) & María Muñoz Lopez (1994, ES)
for 2 performers, objects and video 

ctrl/fn/esc (2022) • ± ◊
Manca Dornik (1995*, SI) & Phoebe Bognár 
for accordion and performer 

Doll-Blind b (2007) • ± ◊
Yu Kuwabara (*1984, JP)
version for flute and accordion       

et error 2 (2021) • ± ◊
Kelley Sheehan (*1989/USA)
for piccolo and wind-up toys 

Soaring (2011) • ±
Maija Hynninen (1977*, FI) 
for flute and accordion                         

Essai pour un paysage (2009) ii Petit fragment de paysage
Jürg Frey (1953*, CH) 
Version for bass flute and accordion

tar (2019) • ± ◊
Christopher Biggs (*1979, USA)
for flute, accordion and computer 

◊ = German premiere
± = Swiss premiere
• = Finnish premiere

** suggestion only. The concert is financially accessible to all– everyone is welcome.